Important steps to take after a car accident

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Terre Haute and neighboring cities are home to their fair share of car accidents. In 2016, there were 3,959 total collisions in Vigo County. Of those, 14 resulted in fatalities. This data is available due to publication in the Indiana University Public Policy Institute.

If you ever find yourself injured from an auto accident, then it is critical you follow these steps. Following proper protocol ensures you get the most coverage out of your auto insurance policy and that you have a greater chance of success if you need to go to court to attempt to collect damages.

Stay there

The collision may have been minimal. However, you always want to stay put. There is no reason to turn a fender bender into a hit-and-run.

Contact the police

After you check in with the people in the other car, you want to call the police. An officer will come out to write up an official report. The officer will ask both drivers questions related to the collision to determine who is at fault.

Swap information

As you wait for the police officer to arrive at the scene, you should give the other driver your insurance information. The other driver should do the same. It is also a good idea to collect additional materials, such as the person’s phone number, so you can get in touch should you require something else.

Ask witnesses what they saw

Eyewitness testimony is another piece of evidence that can help a possible court case. You may not have time to talk in-depth with people in the vicinity, so you should at least get their contact information. Taking pictures of both cars also serves as excellent evidence.

See a doctor

You do not want any injuries to sneak up on you. See a doctor shortly after the accident. You will also need to contact your auto insurance agency to begin the claims process.