The advantages of staging your home

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Real Estate Law |

There is no shortage of homes for sale in Terre Haute. Homeowners trying to sell their properties know it is not something that happens overnight. They should also know that they need more than a prime piece of land and a new roof to get the notice of buyers. Homeowners who go the extra mile to stage their homes to appeal to potential buyers often enjoy many benefits that make the selling process less arduous.

Staging is dressing a property up. It involves adding furnishings, colors and lighting in addition to making small home improvements to improve the way the place looks and feels. Dressing a home up gives it a livable appearance and caters to the features potential buyers often look for. It also provides the following advantages:

Less time on the market

It is not uncommon for homes to spend months and years on the market, even in highly desirable neighborhoods. With the competition from new constructions and neighboring properties, homeowners who want to decrease the amount of time it takes for them to sell their properties may achieve that with staging. Staged homes look more realistic and livable and attract attention faster. This reduces the amount of time it takes for them to be sold. Potential buyers can envision themselves living in that particular property versus another one that is not staged.

Greater appeal to picky buyers

Buyers have more options to choose from, and they are willing to invest more of their time searching for properties that meet their criteria. Many buyers are picky, but staging a home allows the seller to appeal to a buyer’s emotions and desires. It creates interest and motivates a potential buyer to look at the entire property instead of taking a glance at the home before looking for another one. It also creates an emotional attachment that increases the chances of them making an offer.

De-emphasizes the negative

Sometimes a potential buyer will not buy a home because it has negative features they do not like. Or, if an offer is made, it is much lower than what the seller is asking for. These features could be anything from a poorly-sized room to minor structural deficiencies. Staging allows the seller to redirect the buyer’s attention to the positive features of the property. The abundance of positive aspects can help the potential buyer overcome the presence of negative items and commit to buying.

A higher selling price

When you make renovations to your property that improve its function and appearance, you increase its value, and you can add that value to your asking price. As the number of offers grows, you could use them to generate a higher selling price than the one you originally specified.

Selling property is not easy. If you are struggling with the process or dealing with a legal situation involving the aftermath of a real estate transaction, you should speak with an attorney to discuss your situation.