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How to handle partnership disputes

Disputes are not always avoidable between business partners in Terre Haute. What was once an amicable arrangement may become a contentious relationship that could shake up the very foundation of your company. Before you start looking for ways to cut your business partner out of the equation, you should keep in mind that disputes are sometimes necessary to ensure the integrity of your business. 

How you handle conflicts can affect your company‚Äôs success and longevity. Here are some strategies for you to consider on business dispute resolutions. 

Steps to take before filing for bankruptcy

Although most people want to avoid going bankrupt, it might be a necessary legal procedure that can be highly advantageous in the long run. In 2016 alone, nearly 14,000 people filed for bankruptcy, taking into account every type of bankruptcy, in Indiana. That information comes from the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Indiana. 

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision, one a person should not make lightly. However, if a person believes it truly is the best course of action, and it is recommended by a legal professional, then it is worth pursuing. Before submitting all the paperwork, people should follow a few steps first to ensure this process begins on the right footing. 

5 tips for acquiring your dream home in a bidding war

When the real estate market is tight and you are looking for a new home, you may find yourself in the middle of a bidding war. This can be discouraging when you are ready to purchase the perfect home, only to discover you have heavy competition.

Do not lose confidence. Take the position that someone will purchase that house and it might as well be you. Here are five tips to help you along toward move-in day.

The advantages of staging your home

There is no shortage of homes for sale in Terre Haute. Homeowners trying to sell their properties know it is not something that happens overnight. They should also know that they need more than a prime piece of land and a new roof to get the notice of buyers. Homeowners who go the extra mile to stage their homes to appeal to potential buyers often enjoy many benefits that make the selling process less arduous.

Staging is dressing a property up. It involves adding furnishings, colors and lighting in addition to making small home improvements to improve the way the place looks and feels. Dressing a home up gives it a livable appearance and caters to the features potential buyers often look for. It also provides the following advantages:

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